About Us

About the Team

At BEAR swimming, we believe that competitive swimming represents the best of both individual and team sports and we foster development of both by focusing on:

1. IMPROVING PHYSICAL SKILLS: Stroke refinement, efficiency, versatility, strength, endurance, speed, fitness and competitive readiness.

2. BUILDING PERSONAL CHARACTER: Positive self image, mental toughness, work ethic, integrity, dedication, perseverance and focus.

3. VALUING TEAMWORK: Being part of something bigger than oneself, encouraging others, team spirit, team identity and good sportsmanship.

At BEAR Swimming, we provide an empowering and challenging environment in which each swimmer can grow as an athlete and a person. Under this philosophy, BEAR swimmers have consistently risen to the highest levels of the sport. Every BEAR swimmers have a white pearl which represents our team. In addition to athletic achievement, our emphasis on strong character equips swimmers with important life skills for a productive adulthood. We practice to compete. all BEAR swimmers compete with the team. We attend about one regional swim meet per month. Swimmers who meet qualifying times represent the team in additional events, like conference.


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